How To Teach a Dog To Stay In One Place?

The “stay” trick is the basis of a dog’s upbringing. This command is very practical, promotes the training of character and obedience of the dog.

It is a long-lasting command. The trick “stay” makes everyday life with the dog easier and can contribute to improving the safety of the animal and people in its immediate environment.

Note: Teaching this trick requires a lot of patience from both the dog and its owner. Dogs are impatient by nature, so the trick may not work initially. During training, you should not yell at your dog and show frustration. The trick is called off with the command “release”.

How to Learn Your Dog to Stay In One Place?

Basic Principles

As in the case of the “sit pretty” trick, it is also worth following the basic rules during the dog training.

The tone of our voice is very important. Every time we give a command let’s use a low and neutral tone of voice. When a dog wants to learn it should be praised after each successful attempt.

We praise the dog with a higher tone of voice than when giving orders. However, try to be calm so as not to cause excessive excitement in the animal, which will distract it while learning.

The Trick “Stay”. Where Can it Come in Handy?

For learning the command “stay” the dog must already know the command “sit” or “down”. Because the trick “stay” is to keep your dog in a given position for a long time after issuing the command.

This is useful in many situations that can happen to us every day. If you want to enter a shop or other premises where you can’t enter with pets, you give the command “stay”. A dog knowing this trick should then easily wait for you for at least a few minutes.

So you will be able to shop in comfort, without worrying about your dog. As you can see, the trick is very practical, so do not hesitate and learn how to teach your dog to stay in one place.

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How to Teach Your Dog to Stay In One Place With a Clicker?

During the training it is worth preparing in advance:

  • clicker
  • dog treats
  • and a positive attitude and a lot of patience

Learning Stages

Stage I

In the first stage, the dog should learn to stay in the given position even though we will move a step to the left or right.

In the beginning, we choose the option of learning with “sit” or “down”. When you decide on the “sit” position, pay attention to where and on what surface your dog should lie down.

We start with the method of small steps – we stand in front of the dog and give the command “sit”.

We say to the dog “stay” and make a gesture with our hand as if we wanted to push the dog away. Then move one step to the side. If the dog does not move, click and reward the dog with a treat.

Return to the dog and repeat the command “stay”, taking a step in the other direction. We reward the dog if it stays in place.

How To Teach a Dog To Stay In One Place?
How To Teach a Dog To Stay In One Place?

If the dog rises up and tries to follow us – we do not pay attention to him and continue to give commands “sit” and “stay”.

Note: At this stage of learning we have to reach the point where the dog sits still, no matter in which direction we move.

Stage II

In the next phase of learning, we get our dog used to the fact that we not only move to the side but also the back.

We try to take a step back several times. If the dog is sitting still – we extend the time of our return. At first, we can move backward for 2-3 seconds, and then for 5-6 seconds.

After some time we take more steps and walk further away. The dog may be worried at the beginning that we are too far away. However, the dog will gradually become accustomed to it. We always reward the dog for every good behavior.

Until now, during the exercise, we had eye contact with the dog. To jump into the next stage of learning, we turn our backs on the dog. This moment will certainly be difficult for him.

Stage III 

We start as before – we give commands “sit” and then “stay”, then turn around for a short while and return to the original position. If the dog is sitting correctly – reward it and use the clicker.

As in the first stage, we gradually increase the time. We try to walk away from the dog for a longer and longer distance. This is one of the most difficult stages of learning. We must show a great deal of patience here. A dog does not like when we lose contact with him.

In the final stage of learning, we will hide from the dog. After the dog has taken the previous steps, we give the command “stay” and hide so that the dog does not see us. We do not go too far, because if the dog smells our smell, it will be easier for him to persevere in place.

After a few successful attempts, it is worth to leave the room and leave the dog alone for a long time. If he waits for us politely in a given position, he deserves a prize of course!

Dogs like to be rewarded
Dogs like to be rewarded

Once the dog has become accustomed to the command “stay” for good, we can use it with any position. The dog can sit, stand, or lie down.

If the dog in each of these positions after the command stays in place, we can consider that we have achieved success together.

If your dog’s favorite toy flies by and he still stays in the given position, we can boast about this trick in front of our friends.

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