How to Teach a Dog to Beg?

Sit pretty/beg is one of the most popular dog tricks. Begging and a praying dog looks quite funny – that’s why this trick is one of the funny tricks for dogs.

The advantage of this trick is that the dog that learns it strengthens the muscles of his hind legs. The trick is easy to learn and every dog should master it quite quickly. There are several ways to teach a dog to “sit pretty” trick.

Below we present one of them. Before you start it’s a good idea to prepare some dog treats or your dog’s favorite toy.

How to Teach a Dog to Beg?

Position “Beg”

In the beginning, we take a few dog’s snacks in handful and give the command “sit”. The dog needs to do it correctly – it must sit firmly and be supported by whole “feet”.

When the dog is sitting, we stand behind him and raise our hand over his head. The dog should lift his chest and tear his front paws off the ground – one or both.
At the beginning of our education we reward the dog for every attempt to tear his hands off the ground, and later for longer and longer attempts to maintain his position. Pay attention that your pet does not raise his dog’s croup.

How to teach a dog to beg?
How to teach a dog to beg?

As your dog feels more confident, we help him lift his chest higher and higher. It’s best if he can lean his back against our legs. All the time we check if the dog is sitting straight and if it does not wobble.

When the dog rests firmly against our legs, we gradually move away supporting his chest with our hand.

Attention: We don’t forget to reward the dog every time he succeeds in performing a trick for at least a moment.

Train a Dog to Sit Pretty – Next Step

The next step in learning the “sit pretty” trick is to extend the time. At this point, it is worthwhile to enter the command “beg”. This sound will be associated with this trick in the future. After a few attempts, the dog will sit still and we will not have to support it with our hand. The dog should keep its balance.

Attention: Control and protect the dog so that it does not overturn!

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Command “Beg”

We give the command “beg” and check the reaction of the dog. We try not to help him anymore. Just in case, however, we secure him further. If the dog consciously picks up his paws and can hold its position, we can add the command “stay” or a gesture of “freezing” and move away from the dog.

When a dog already associates the command with a specific behavior – we stand next to the dog or in front of it and give the command again. We reward him for every attempt, even a second of holding the position and raising his paws. Gradually we extend the time of the stand-up. We can use the command “stay” or a gesture of “freezing”. It is not worth exaggerating with time when the dog is standing.

For this trick, it’s enough for a dog to last a few seconds. This exercise can be a bit tiring for your dog. So we’ll do a few tests at once and let your dog rest.

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