Dog training

Dog training is a great adventure for both the animal and its owner. The basic goal for which we train our dogs is to completely subordinate them to man. Only then is it obvious, even desirable for a dog to follow our instructions. Besides, proper training allows us to establish a deeper understanding of the dog and to keep him in the right place in our family hierarchy without any problems.

Dog training
Dog training

When to start training a dog?

Dog training for puppies

It is best to start training a dog at around 8 weeks of age, i.e. when it usually comes to our home as a puppy. We should not be afraid that it is too early because a dog that is 7 weeks old is able to learn just as effectively as an adult dog.

Puppies training
Puppies training

Puppies who start training in the first weeks of their lives have far fewer behavioral problems in adulthood than dogs who are trained later. Your puppy will quickly learn the right habits, and that’s why we’ll get the best out of working with young dogs.

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Brain training for dogs

Dog training – techniques

Before starting the training, it is worth considering what techniques to use in order to achieve the best possible results. The basic principle used in the training of all animals is that the behaviors for which the animal receives a reward will probably be repeated by them, and those for which it will be punished, will rather not appear. Therefore, when we think about how to raise a dog, it is worth deciding on the techniques used in positive training.

Positive dog training

Positive dog training means that we reward your dog for the desired behavior and motivate him to perform the task in a specific way.
If you already have to apply a punishment or warning, you should implement a negative punishment method, which is to take away the pleasure experienced by your dog during a specific behavior and discourage him from doing so. If your dog does not benefit from his behavior, the related activities will gradually disappear.
The dog should not be punished by techniques that cause him fear, such as screaming, hitting, electric collar, etc.

Rewarding dog training

The award-based method brings very good results. So it is important to determine in advance what will please our dog the most. For one dog the best reward will be food, for the other a toy. Some dogs, however, value petting or verbal praise above all else. Let’s see what’s most effective with our pet, and get some gadgets that your dog loves and reacts to best. Thanks to this we will be sure that the training will be fun for him.

Dog training at home

Remember, however, that even the best training is not enough. Participation in classes, even very active, will not consolidate the information gained during the classes. Success in dog training also depends on independent work with a dog at home, regular repetition of news and practical consolidation of acquired knowledge.

The learning process will be faster if you start practicing with your dog, e.g. during walks. It is worth repeating the task every day until it is fully controlled by the animal. Only then can you leave the session mode.

Dog training at home
Dog training at home

It is worthwhile to record the learned tricks in familiar conditions for the dog, which is best at home. In the beginning, we should eliminate all external stimuli that may distract your dog.

How to train a dog at home? Internet courses

For all those who want to train their dog at home or broaden their skills, one of the options is online courses.
The Internet course is a very convenient form of gaining knowledge. This form of training will satisfy all those who want to understand the behavior and psyche of their dog and how to communicate and give orders.

We can use the online course at a convenient time for us because we have access to it 24/7. Certainly, it will help us to solve many problems associated with raising a dog. After its completion we will find the answer to such questions:

  • how to quickly eliminate the bad habits of a dog
  • how to unlock the natural intelligence of a dog
  • how to create an obedient and loving pet
  • how to improve your dog’s obedience

Probably each of us wants our dog to become an intelligent, well-behaved partner, following every command given – it is enough to release his hidden intelligence…